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    Beautiful furniture        Create higher quality life

    Office furniture and comfortable furniture, a King potential environmental win market
    Author: Release:2014/10/9 14:47:21 Hits:

    As we all know, our furniture is an essential part of human life, closely connected with our day. However, we follow the progress of the growing need for quality and appearance of the furniture, the furniture has been more than just simple day supplies, furniture began to emerge out of the wide range of increasingly being everyone's favorite.

    Since the reform and opening up, China's furniture industry has made considerable carry out, especially since the 1990s, since the last century, the invention of the wonders of the furniture industry to continue its rapid undertaken. The whole point of view, the economic indicators have occupational added, during which total profit growth rate is beyond 30%, showing that momentum to carry out an outstanding career furniture.

    As a professional furniture branch, China also followed the work of furniture produced vocational skills constantly updated, kind of keep adding, professional production of the composition and management level and gradually progress, completed rapidly launch.

    According to the data show that in 1999, China working furniture Occupational production exceeded 500 billion yuan; in 2004, the work of furniture production was 81.9 billion yuan; in 2005, the work of furniture production was 98 billion yuan; in 2007, the work of China furniture production has exceeded 100 billion yuan occupation, work furniture accounted for about 30% of all furniture. Currently, domestic work accounts for furniture shopping furniture needs 1/3 of all malls, shopping centers around the scale of 100 billion yuan.

    In the 21st century, the Chinese government has been proposed to accelerate the urbanization and the construction pace of small towns, all prosperous rural economy, accelerated urbanization process in order to further boost spending malls, expand spending category. This action countries will further promote China's home construction, then the femoral artery and residence to carry out other related occupations.

    Undoubtedly, the civilian work home with furniture is furniture occupation broader coverage of the two areas. Although the scope of application are more widely used, but they use spaces, the use of time and the use of strength, but there are obvious differences, work furniture has its own particularity:

    1, workplace furniture put more officers clouds high. Workplace such as studios, conference room, reading room, library and other furniture placement and more electronic devices clouds, officers will set relatively poor ventilation. Once the harmful substances in the work of furniture overruns, for the well-being of staff hostage great.

    2, the use of time working furniture is 3 to 4 times the civilian furniture. About the studio staff, the use of work time each day for up furniture from 8 to 10 hours, or even longer, while at home the moment touch or use furniture is relatively much less. Taking into account the use of furniture work environment, and therefore, quality of work furniture is the most caring staff one question.

    3. Comparison of furniture for civilian use intensity work furniture is much higher. Furniture carrying a large amount of work, the use of frequent, long time use, the use of non-normal situation is also more like carom, bump, scratch pressure, pollution, etc., to protect the conservation of missing or wrong. Thus, the intensity of the work of furniture, durability and stability need to be much higher than the civilian furniture.

    It is because of the special nature of the work of these furniture, so you need to plan the work of furniture, higher needs. How talent to do this? Furniture planning talent nurturing and digging is a top priority. Many companies have recognized this, and start focusing on personnel training party. We can say that the number of furniture planning to cultivate talent the past two years the community has shown a geometric data is added. This promoted a sense of Chinese furniture product quality and added value, improve the competitiveness of Chinese furniture work has played an important role.

    Inquiries revealed that the current urban residents in China, working with a rate of only 6.8 percent furniture, a figure far below the average level 72% of American and European countries. Followed by rapid launch of China's economic construction, improvement of working conditions of government agencies, banks, securities, schools, hospitals and public institutions continued to expand the company will continue to promote the work of furniture needed to add.

    Along with this, along with the construction of modern office work, the original workplace require a lot of work furniture supply, coupled with foreign companies set up work organization in China, working furniture requirements are expected to reach an annual rate of more than add 20%. Estimated that within the next five years time, China will have a capacity of 29 million sets of work mall furniture, even 5.8 million units per year, even if the press each 30,000 yuan accounting, there are 174 billion yuan annually uniform mall space.

    There are natural hot career prospect, but together with the intense competition is bound to cause some chaos in the mall presents, like shoddy, formaldehyde overruns and other questions. Not only prevents the standard working furniture severe occupational well-being undertaken, but also to consumers brought direct economic losses, a lot of work furniture companies face credit crisis.

    Throughout the ages, survival of the fittest is a timeless natural law, which in the same work habits furniture industry, "doubt" in the market competition in the furniture in natural escape the fate of being screened. But together, also emerged in a number of the quality, integrity and high work furniture brand, Zhengzhou Vision Equipment Co., work that is typical during which, since its inception, a King Furniture has gone through nearly a decade of work of trials and hardships, and can withstand detection mall is worth from consumers trust the brand.

    Zhengzhou Vision Equipment Co., Ltd. to develop their own work, planning and production of high-grade furniture mission work, now covering 286 acres, with more than 700 employees. Goods have been exported to Europe, America, Australia, Middle East, Africa, East Asia and other more than forty countries and domestic over forty cities.

    Vision Companies know the important role played by human occupation of furniture, therefore, has dozens of professional staff, senior planner, by virtue of its many years of professional experience, can be tailored to customers build quality, personalized, modern work environment. Vision has been a high-quality management personnel and strict quality management system as a guarantee company to carry out, with great professional development, planning part of the world keen to capture the prevailing trend, severe comply with ergonomic skill standards, use preemptive ERP resource management systems, cooperation in the world ahead of processing equipment, quality assurance, system available.

    In Honor aspect, a King's merchandise has been the national quality supervision inspection certification, ISO9001 quality certification and ISO14001 environmental certification, have to reach the national A-level standards. In the meantime, developed by a King of Qin Yun, Sheng Shiya wind, Chinese style, European style simple rhyme and other merchandise after another in Guangzhou, China won the gold medal at the world home to enjoy.

    In the transaction category, the company received a King Zhengzhou furniture project needs all the work, planning and management consultation, buy wholesale, custom and other special commodities precision workmanship, attention skills, information, category covers Pantai, sofas, filing cabinets, conference system , screen interval, fine about work, hotel furniture, etc., wide coverage, only to stop satisfied customers' needs for work equipment.

    In addition, the company can provide customers with a King supplying advanced, environmentally friendly, professional service of program, goods are produced in selected domestic and international pre-empt equipment and skills, selling the country's major cities and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, the Middle East, Japan and the US, etc. places, and the acting throughout the year when the United States and Sweden, Olin, your doctor, Huadu, Fu Qi Lai, Hongqiao, 圣迪凱 other famous brands.

    If the amount of Supplier Quality is the key to the success of the company, then the quality of service of a company is an important factor may be enduring. A King's factory direct supply of goods, are imported steel, wood and other raw materials, environmental protection, allowing consumers to buy centering; standard sale service of process to ensure project quality and power, inventory adequate, convenient delivery, and in the most convenient and professional after-sales service of the system echoes the needs of every customer, so consumers with agreeable.

    Bao Jianfeng self temper, Zhengzhou Vision Equipment Co., Ltd. has been working look to the future, seeking innovation in transition, seeking to carry out in advance. World Vision furniture to pre-empt the planning concepts and high quality production capacity to the maximum advantage for our customers build the most environmentally friendly and sincere, green and aroused enthusiastic working air, so that every staff member in the comfortable environment for the well-being of the company invention, one after another commercial spectacle!


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