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    Solid wood furniture: with life back to nature
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    An old wood reveals a moist, with old Cangsang traditional skills to make it falling fresh. Value from scarcity and only the material, but also from the induction of the soul. Traditional hand skills, natural lacquer multi-channel play, into the depths of wood, weathered texture revealing long time, and make new moist.

    About eccentric wood furniture city people, armor grace is undoubtedly the world's best destination to buy solid wood furniture, because of where you can buy from the domestic world, high-quality solid wood furniture.

    Habitat does not leak

    Does not leak from the ranks of the merchandise selection, manufacture, and the shape of the data concluded that all comply with the laws of natural intimacy. There are two series of primary commodities. Village of wooden series, reveals a warm and rustic idle, appropriate construction characteristics of strong home space. Simple wooden series, concise material Teana has a rustic appearance, refined about space with cool and calm.

    Parker Home

    Cedar home with natural cedar for the production of pure solid wood furniture materials processing, materials and sophisticated skills take over the home series produced out of cedar cedar furniture, covering each day of the home space.

    Daughter traveling

    Traveling furniture brand established in 1979, has been produced for 30 years before history, is a collection depicting the development, production production, marketing as one of the large modern corporation. The company introduced the Federal Republic of Germany, Italy and other countries, the first to produce computer equipment, excellent wood selection all over the world, through deep processing skills, to produce high-quality high-grade furniture, merchandise containing wood furniture, wood panels composed of furniture, interior ancillary merchandise.

    Ancient Georgia

    Domestic famous sparse trees - lobular camphor wood as raw materials, professional production of handmade hollow carved antique furniture, modern furniture, screens, etc., giving the unadorned yet luxurious feel. Camphor wood furniture concise, nuanced, both about the days of perfect modern fine performance, but also an emergence of civilized conservation.

    Bright Furniture

    Bright Group has a bedroom, study, dining room, kitchen, work and other specialized production line 10, a selection of unique base in northeast China oak, birch, elm, ash, poplar, pine, etc., together with the composite materials and carving skills, with an annual output 10 series, more than 2000 kinds of wood, panel furniture, more than 1.5 million standard parts. During the East Jinding, Olsen Jinsheng, Olsen Jinfeng, Fu oak gold edge, Jinhe a series of products such as furniture are bright independent research and new products.

    Royal Carpenter

    Royal carpenter's currently has three series: Topaz grapefruit, a product of elm, Royal walnut, are selected precious wood, such as Chinese elm, Thailand teak, American walnut. Product positioning is relatively high, depicting the personality and appearance styles fit between the urban middle consumer group 35 to 45 years old.

    Futaba furniture

    Futaba furniture is located in the rich forestry resources Qitaihe City, Heilongjiang Province, relying on the unique geographical and resource advantages, the choice of the Russian Far East and China Changbai quality wood, the introduction of Germany, Italy, Japan, the world's first to the production equipment and co-processing skills, and independent research and innovation merchandise. Futaba's commodity appearance concise, but the atmosphere careful, straight lines, markings and beautiful, smooth feel and quality after painting Run, dark lines express a common furniture gentleman temperament.

    Ya wood

    Hong Kong Rayleigh Furniture Group Co., Ltd. is engaged in the production of solid wood furniture, a large company, its elegant wood brand launched the "Ya Park" series in 2008, the year it launched the "Ming Ya" Ugyen wood series. The series introverted personality, calm, atmospheric, raw materials taken from the forests of Gabon in West Africa's most high-quality bearing wood, heavy and hard materials, high-strength, corrosion-resistant, anti-termite.

    Federal Furniture

    Federal Group was founded in 1984, was the first to depict pre-empt, production and business wings to fly, private domestic and foreign markets, the company carried out jointly, after 20 years of trying to create the industry's leading brand, became China's leader in the furniture industry the company, known as evergreen Chinese private companies to carry out.

    Federal Group from 1986 to launch the first set of solid wood furniture, first off, "Wood furniture hot" and caused a sensation after, plate bedroom furniture, hotel furniture and work screens, Sofa get all the development and production of goods so far constitutes "natural fashion, classic, experience," the four World theme home personality and federal high-quality day "8 We" commodity arrays, along with foreign co-operation to develop a federal · Baoda carpet, cabinets and other federal Gordon, merchandise up to more than a thousand species, and build a federal endowed with characteristics very lucrative commodity systems.


    Shenzhen Lin Yu Furniture Co., Ltd. is a Korean furniture collection development, the production, marketing as one of the modern company. Since 2005, the Korean furniture Smack 林宇公 Division as the company's livelihood and the only pillar of projects undertaken, with its focus on energy and professional skills, the skills of both the Korean furniture Smack quality is still inherent civilization and even in the home have increased to a new level position. His "Smack" brand Korean furniture goods, soft lines, color noble, beautifully shaped models, precision workmanship, commodity rich, outstanding function, intriguing furniture civilization, romantic home atmosphere, all these can be satisfied in modern society everyone on commodities in practical function elegant, energy world satisfaction and other aspects of the mind to seek comfort needs.

    Propaganda Habitat homes

    Propaganda (Wenxuan Living Collection) brand furniture early years registered in the US, with many years of self-developed furniture painted, production, sale experience, the majority of imports of selected natural raw materials of high quality wood, focus on the development of new fit ergonomic furniture, and participate civilized elements in Southeast Asia, it shows plenty of people-oriented descriptions and show fine about, simple, majestic, heavy human effort.


    Weisengeshi painted furniture from Italy, the performance of the Italian post-modern minimalist personality, all wooden parts are made of walnut wood imported from Russia and Malaysia imported rubber wood (mainly used in the wardrobe back, bottom drawer), which color, texture, and texture gives the furniture elegant, unadorned, natural temperament. The brand is portrayed not play flashy, focusing on natural and implication of each other, through the use of a small number of elements in Southeast Asia, very well cut surface of the wire, the performance of modern deconstruction of the oriental civilization deep understanding of the inherent completed the perfect modern and classic Contact.

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