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    Change the status quo of China's furniture industry analysis
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     Nowadays, agile network throughout China, the economic crisis in the future, more small and medium sized companies see the sale's promotion network, in former times of economic crisis, the network industry is affected by the smallest of all occupations, more surprising is the network the pace of the economy during the crisis to carry out gradual acceleration. Now, the global tide of economic crisis has passed, however, a growing number of small and medium companies to participate in the network to implement continuous army in the past, the network's information brought us lunch, and stay at home to know the international Vientiane, network industrialization, large-scale prototype has already flashed, each network company, recount the tide in the information network. Appliances, teaching, work, career information, and more join them. During this period there will be work like furniture, industry specific analysis of what your work situation in China furniture e-commerce.
    Top: Work furniture including career is a multi-commodity contrast, a large, but not commodities, commodity varieties, ranging from dozens to more than a hundred species, varieties of goods alone amounted to over a hundred species, do not say a breed types, and so these elements have resulted in the implementation of the work of furniture and implementation aspects of the network contrast strenuous workload on the pre-contrast large.
    Second: manufacturers, the implementation of abnormal intense competition between the channels, for example, to find work furniture in Alibaba channel top, in front of the net sales treasure full of user information, that is, higher than the integrity of a file, the following is TrustPass ultimately Ali ordinary users, Ali's information update speed, before one minute is the top, after one minute it can not see, so much to ensure the goods came in net sales treasure behind the base hardly able to believe that the information too big, not to mention Ali also mastered live updates, placing rules.
    Third: China is not the same area in a different way from the big contrast, like Marina earlier in contrast to the fast start, late start in the Mainland, there is no perfect strategy to implement the sale, the country's difficult to get the big shopping malls combined, resulting in waste of resources .
    Fourth: Social lack of network implementation personnel, college graduate, undergraduate colleges analysis, the second one is no professional knowledge no work experience, very few people interested in this career, so much in spite of presenting information on the network, but most was a mess, the lack of systematic, usually lax handling, network implementation in its infancy. Progress in these areas has yet to be firm, to recruit a number of staff with professional qualifications.
    Fifth: Work on the important furniture enterprises, institutions, and ordering large quantities of this type of people rarely have enough to search for information on the habits, have tended to contrast the traditional way of shopping, unlike electronic goods, jewelry young family on such goods, although there is competition pressure, but not as strenuous as working furniture.
    Sixth: the distribution side, when it comes to e-commerce comes along that is outstanding logistics, e-commerce in order to do a good job, not a good time to serve the logistics are not able to, and on the work of furniture, the logistics is more important since the work of furniture such goods low threshold contrast, multi-vendor comparison, the first gathering at the local mall, in order to carry out foreign customers as long as the construction, logistics providers to do more thinking, consisting of a high-quality logistics troops on goods distribution is very important.
    Seventh: Working furniture commodity varieties, but the style, color contrast single, not accustomed to require a single population in the furniture breed new varieties developers want more effort, it is important that the 2007 is a buyer's market, merchandise must be followed way's, fit most people's favorite. Backward stepwise selection of merchandise at the mall, as a company manager, about vision, grasp the biggest trend, the completion of the company's ability to carry out long-lasting.
    Eighth: the extent of China's foreign trade along the open, some foreign brands and gradually work flow of domestic first-class shopping malls, due to a number of countries in Europe such career started earlier than the Chinese, skills, handling sophisticated contrast, constitute the industrial chain of China's vocational is an infinite impact.
    Always, the world is not difficult to do business, engage in the sale of the network must adhere to, need to look farther, do the right stick to it, try to innovation, continuous habit of shopping malls, as long as it can not be screened refinement, trust in China furniture career will be able to work in the next period of time and gradually explore from a set of implementation strategies sale.

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