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    Office furniture and maintenance tips to make furniture lasting as new
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    1, solid wood furniture work

    Solid wood furniture, mostly working class studio work desk chairs, etc., if you want to clean the conservation, display and move three more attention. When cleaning to prevent sharp scratches on stubborn stains do not use a wire brush or a stiff brush for cleaning, should use a soft cloth dipped powerful cleaning agents to scrub. When placed, but also pay attention to try to prevent direct sunlight, due to the appearance of the paint to make it as fast oxidation. In addition, the move should be careful to prevent damage to paint bump appearance.

    2, leather working class furniture

    Leather furniture is used in class studio studio senior leadership to show the company level, their outstanding softness and color, conservation is not good very simple damage. Maintenance requirements in place and cleaning both pay more attention. When placed, with wooden furniture and the same type of work, should try to avoid direct sunlight. When cleaning, should be in the minority with a fine cloth dipped in clean water after scrubbing with a soft, dry cloth, stubborn stains on the best selection of professional cleaning agents to scrub.

    3, cloth type of work furniture

    Many companies in the hospitality room will be equipped with furniture fabric certainly, this can make is to entertain customers have a sense of intimacy. These cloth furniture fabrics chosen more for some types of soft comfortable, easy dirty easily damaged, particularly pay attention to them when the conservation needs cleaning questions. About by dust, dirt disposal of goods made from imported fabric, the only need to use clean wet towel to scrub can be cleaned. About those exceptionally dirty easily perishable commodities, the best professional cleaning shop sent cleaning can prevent deformation, extending its service life.

    4, electroplating and sandblasted glass type of work furniture

    Plating and studio furniture sandblasted glass class, mostly workers in the lounge coffee table, chairs and other commodities, these studio furniture looks light, easy to see the impact of commodity masturbation stains and beautiful appearance of the coating. However, the conservation of these commodities up compared to the above three categories to be more concise. Usually only needs to prevent placed in the environment will be able to sleep; When cleaning, only needs to scrub gently with a dry cloth will be able to shine like new. However, be sure to pay attention when moving, not moving clutching a glass countertop.


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