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    Furniture maintenance bogey seven three want
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    A bogey at the time of the transfer dragged deadlift should Qingtai light; when placed flat put steady, if uneven ground, to leg pad is to prevent damage to the mortise layout;

    Second, avoid the furniture on the sun exposure, also bogey put too boring place to prevent the wood cracking deformation;

    Three bogey on the furniture very humid local, avoid wood to swell when wet, a long time easily broken, will not pull out drawers;

    Four bogey at the top of the wardrobe and other furniture ballast, avoid protruding door, door shut lax; also avoid excessive accumulation of clothing, avoid beyond the door, the door to prevent deformation

    Five Note washed with water or wipe with a cloth made of plywood furniture, should not be placed in alkaline soaking, avoid loose plywood glue or unglued;

    Six hanged and furniture paint color is not the same as the original paint and putty mix well embedded in the cracks of furniture blocking level, to avoid scarring; something hot water and freshly boiled water, etc., to prevent damage to the finish. Guangzhou work Furniture

    Seven hanged alkaline or boiling water to wash furniture or placed on the desktop of a high concentration of alcohol, bananas

    Third, we must:

    To put a little pepper in the furniture to prevent rats from entering, placing camphor, tobacco, prevents worms and cockroaches;

    Second, we must promptly furniture appearance with a light soapy water or oil paint stained alkaline wash, then rinse, dry stamped wax;

    Third, we must every few years to paint varnish layer of varnish to adhere to the color of fresh, shiny durable.



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