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    Beautiful furniture        Create higher quality life

    Development Trend of China's four major office furniture resolve
    Author: Release:2014/10/9 14:50:09 Hits:
    Have you ever thought of turning a blind eye operations around the furniture, but also actually changing lines, colorful, full of features and art odor, completely outstripped the traditional concept of job furniture? In this exhibition, all kinds of people working space feel like home space into characterization, relaxed, casual, feature full, comfortable and everywhere.
    Bright orange-red, grass green, bright yellow, bright purple and other bright colors, in a recreation area operating environment everywhere, full of enthusiasm and stylish taste. Characteristics of the theme planning is catching up with civilian furniture, this year, the reporter also found that many furniture regarded fret job satisfaction pattern, octagonal and other Chinese elements into modern planning, and more fit and aesthetic needs of the modern day . As Rongye this year's new "Dance" series, from the head table, conference table to the sofa, coffee table, have chosen a non-deformed, recyclable and more environmentally friendly "bamboo Phoebe," Mucha concise lines, creating work out a vaguely mood. Another "melt" series put Chinese Carved window frames and exterior wood finishing about true and false cf, very Chinese agreeable charm. And Paliburg put the plan into a calm atmosphere desk black and red, just like the file cabinet to become a "seal", perseverance Ankang yet refined; there are planners launched by the Italian imitation airplane wing the Wing series, ventured selected arcs, elliptical plan, and there are not a straight line furniture dull. Such characteristics of the jobs filled furniture, is quietly working space changes dull, cautious image, an attempt to give the workplace more comfortable and creative.
    Trend 2: Intelligent
    In the current operating environment exhibition, intelligent planning ideology whipped up a storm of brains: one click you can have all the initiative quietly locked drawer, there is the end of the working chamber little contact with the electronic control panel, also there can be the end of the space situation memories lights set the remote control and touch sensor bounce cabinet ...... These are the days of making the job easy and efficient modern, more humane.
    "Height work table can be freely conditioning, remote command followed slowly lifting, and the conclusion of the conference room intelligent environment control and long-distance video conferencing." On Sunon booth, I-WORK head table can be manipulated via the contact system, the end of "sit station "Health jobs contact form. According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 125,000 people a query, compared to three hours a day sitting in a lack of people a day sitting jobs over six hours of life shortened by 37%. Thus in the United States, some famous companies have begun allowing workers often use energy conditioning bump the table, I heard that in addition to well-being, but also the progress of operational efficiency. The Friends of the launch of a new job chairs, elastic waist pillow its active support system may, upon its own body needs, active conditioning viewpoint, let's use to obtain the most comfortable waist and back support, it also features a multi-function electric pen cage, using a laptop may be placed on the support frame, lying can ease the job. In the scene, the reporter found that such intelligent planning popular after 80, after 90 favorite mainstream workplace, such as the "Q-touch" series, humane touch operation and can lift the audio function while luring many young people's attention.
    Trend 3: Modular
    The job is the same as furniture planning a cube, can transform a variety of different combinations or appearance, arriving tailored use. In this exhibition, the reporter saw a lot of work furniture brand, through universal and modular planning commodities to consumer satisfaction with the deployment of color, shape and other characteristics of the need for change, the end of the standardization of humane job.
    For example set called "Vodafone jobs station system", straight, trapezoidal, L-shaped three kinds of panels, the deployment of a square steel table legs, veneer table legs, the main computer cabinets and countertops file cabinets, file cabinets along with five function module element, the end of the combination of diverse functions, can be satisfied at least 150 kinds of jobs. Especially in the working chamber recreation area, fresh and bright Busha seems like building blocks can be freely combined, the word queue, square or round brackets listed matrix method, allowing the exchange of Dayton was all kinds of shapes. According to Wing Yip Furniture research personnel, universal planning for this commodity, allowing different standards and criteria of furniture parts can be replaced with each other, not only reduce costs, but also enhance the combination of sensitivity and spatial variability, and it could be the end of the planning custom made. Reporters on the scene also found that many such programs are not limited to a single commodity, more and more companies began to focus on the job to build the whole space will blend carpet, IT equipment, lighting systems, green potted plants, etc., by this expression of cross-border blend of philosophy and science, skills, humanities, arts and so on. Traditionally thought, a closed working space to allow workers to focus on the end of the job, and then open the sensitive work environment can bring significant advantages, such as creativity, common sense, team effort and collaboration, cooperation, such programs but allows both have both.
    Trend 4: Low-carbon
    Planning Forum on Low Carbon, held earlier this year to promote its "low-carbon green" shouted the slogan "Let's work more days", rather than blindly focusing on green, energy-saving, environmentally friendly materials also need to actually bring people comfortable, relaxing user experience. From this side, this year, while close to a low-carbon planning a lot of people feel.
    New this year, the flagship of the new century, "Kopf", the choice of standing opposite sex TPU material, breaking the traditional hard plastic, malleable poor restrictions, significantly tortuous back, the dynamic performance of the avant-garde energy operations; the most common is the chair base activity is sensitive, maneuverability, but also determine the ground. And walking comfortable and stylish furniture roads are bright spots in the sky, and its launch of a desk made from apple wood base, the appearance of the skin is imported from Japan made of leather protein, this protein skin the primary material is the egg shell, texture, softness with leather is very similar, but offer also and dermal far off, breaking the furniture due to offer high environmental and let buyers daunting predicament. In a class of environmentally friendly raw materials there is solid wood, Yu-tai first in the industry to hold high the "job logs furniture" banner to the differences in the market veneer of so-called "solid wood furniture jobs." It is reported that with natural wood furniture manufacturing jobs through preservation, drying and a dozen deep-processing technology, because a lot of use of mortise and tenon mosaic layout, thus formaldehyde and other toxic and harmful gas emissions reductions than the sheet metal furniture at least 2/3 or more, but offer also several times more expensive.
    On the "innovation and planning information forum", the German Woodworking Machinery and Furniture Association general manager UrsulaGeismann also introduced four kinds of the latest information on the composition of the waste recycling, as with rice shell, coarse salt, mineral oil manufacturing rice machine WPC wood plastic composite materials and composite materials to wood fiber, wood and plastic manufacturing and so on. According to the reporter know the composition of such new materials are popular, both to the sustainable development of the environment, on the other hand it is because the offer traditional timber on the rise.


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