• Introduction

    Beautiful furniture        Create higher quality life

    Kang Teman furniture depending on the quality of life and living with art and design, focusing on functional furniture and art fused product simple and generous rather than luxury, simplicity without redundancy, color coordination, with a strong modern, but not loss beautiful oriental classical charm. Kang Teman ergonomic furniture always adhere advocacy, and research to improve the comfort of the human body to the environment for the development of philosophy, attention to customer requirements, a comprehensive modern pop elements, design and production for customers unique personality of the office environment. There are infinite in space and reverie, noble, Ya. You need or want, we are already easily at hand!
          Kang Teman furniture adhere to the people-oriented, based on modern management, technology and innovation as the advantages of introducing professional computer design platform, strict QC management and improve the service. Has been realized from product design, production logistics control to the full integration of the sales and service information management. Emphasize the details, the pursuit of perfection, striving for better quality products, the pursuit of more sophisticated technology to provide better service for the goal.

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